2022 AL, GA, & TN State Set System

Important Contest notes:

  • Doors open at 8:00am Central. Contest begins at 9:00am.

  • Only athletes, coaches and contest staff will be allowed on the competition floor. Coaches who were listed on an athlete’s entry form will receive a wristband upon arrival that will allow them access to the gym floor.

  • Athletes should remain in the practice gym until 3 sets before they compete. For modeling & foundation events (basic, military, presentation, parade), athletes will line up in their lane to await their turn to compete. These events move very quickly, so athletes should be lined up in their lane before the event begins. For all other events, athletes should remain in the practice gym until 3 sets before they compete.

  • Please keep garment/costume bags in the practice gym or dressing room. We need to keep the walkways and bleachers in the main gym clear for spectators.

  • Please do not prop open any external doors at the school – this is a specific request from the school administration.

  • Concessions – light concessions will be available for purchase (thank you Forte teams, parents, and coaches) throughout the day. Pizza and Chick-fil-A sandwiches will be available for lunch.

2022 Contest Dates

March 5 - NashTwirl Championships (White House Heritage Elem.)

May 7 - USTA TN State Championships & Open Competition (Birmingham, AL; to be held with AL State and GA State)

June 10-12 - USTA Southeast Region Championships & Open Competition (White House, TN) See www.serbatoncouncil.com for contest information and entry forms.

State Championships

Date: May 7, 2022

Location: Spain Park High School - Birmingham, AL

This year, the TN State Championships will be held with the AL State & GA State Championships. Each state will award their own state champions, and there will also be an open competition for athletes from any state.

Entry brochure and more information are available below.


Complete entry brochure (including contest info, rules, event descriptions, what to expect, Covid-19 safety, required waivers, and entry forms).

Electronic entry forms:

Electronic Individual Entry (with waiver, entry checklist, & good luck form)

Electronic Team/Group Entry

Fillable Waiver - Athletes who are ONLY participating in team/group events should complete and sign the waiver in this file and return via email to tnbatoncouncil@gmail.com. (This waiver is already included on page 2 of the Individual Entry.)

Instructions for completing and submitting electronic entries (this is preferred over mailing!):

  1. Click on the appropriate entry form above & download and save the file to your computer before completing the entry form.

  2. Open the downloaded entry and complete using Adobe. Save file as athlete's name (for example, LastName_FirstName.pdf). Don't forget to save before you attach to email.)

  3. Return via email to tnbatoncouncil@gmail.com.

  4. Submit payment via Venmo (@TNbatoncouncil) or Paypal (tnbatoncouncil@gmail.com). Detailed instructions for submitting payment are included in the entry file.

If you want to print & fill out your entry instead of using the electronic form, you can use an app (TinyScanner works great) to take photo scans on your phone to save the entry form and waiver as a PDF file. Please do not send photos of your entries - clearly scanned PDF files are acceptable.


Date: May 7, 2022

(Doors open at 8:00 A.M. Contest begins at 9:00 A.M. All times are Central time.)

Group competition, Freestyle, *Rhythmic Twirl, *Show Twirl, Short Program, Collegiate Event

*High School & Collegiate Classic

*Costume Modeling

Basic Strut

Parade March

Military “L” Strut

*Basic Box

*Military Box


2 Baton & All Around Two Baton

3 Baton

Artistic Twirl, Artistic Twirl Pairs

Strut (USTA Strut, *X-Strut, *Fancy Strut, & All Around Strut)

Solo & All Around Solo

CAS evaluations will take place throughout the day.

*These events are not sanctioned by USTA.


These hotels are all within a 10-15 minute drive of the contest.

Best Western Plus - 280 (discounted group rate available)

800 Corporate Ridge Drive

Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 995-8586

Group Rates: $121.99+tax (2 doubles w/queen sleeper sofa)

$116.99+tax (king suitew/queen sleeper sofa)

Click here to book discounted rate

Hyatt Place

4686 Highway 280 East

Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 995-9242

Hampton Inn and Suites 280 Eagle Point

6220 Farley Court

Birmingham, AL 35043

(205) 981-0024

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

156 Resource Center Parkway

Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 776-6370

You can also find a complete list of other hotel options here.

Nashtwirl 2022 Schedule

ORDER OF EVENTS: (Doors open at 8:00 A.M. Contest begins at 9:00 A.M. All times are Central time.)

Saturday, March 5 - Order of events:

Costume Modeling

Basic Strut

Parade March

Military “L” Strut

Basic Box

Military Box Presentation

2 & 3 Baton

Artistic Twirl, Artistic Twirl Pairs

Strut (USTA Strut, X-Strut, Fancy Strut)


Collegiate & High School Championships, Teams, Groups, Short Program, Freestyles

CAS evaluations will take place throughout the day.

Sunday March 6th:

8am-11am – Play Baton Clinic with Laney Puhalla, Karrissa Wimberley, Michael Harris, Kyler Jump, Cheryl Wimberley, Jackie Stewart; Cost: $80; Register here

Questions? Email us at tnbatoncouncil@gmail.com.